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"The instructions are easily followed and the finished rack is beautiful."  
Ted  D.

"This is great!  If you can trace a line on wood you can do this!"  M. Kelly

“Imagine ... in a few hours, being able to create a beautiful solid wood gun rack that your family and friends will admire for years to come.”

“Simply trace and cut and get the pride of accomplishment of a job well done, with your own hands.”

Dear fellow gun enthusiast,

My name is Ken Brown, and if you are like many, you are probably tired of storing your rifle in the closet or under your bed.

I have developed an easy do-it-yourself wall gun rack for the beginner and expert alike, that is quick and will save you hours of time and a pocket full of money!

I have designed an awesome set of simple plans for a four gun rack, that can be instantly downloaded directly to your computer to guide you through the process of making your own!

  • Your new gun rack will be of a strong construction; made with solid wood pieces.
  • You can use the wood of your choice for durability and to match your decor or unique tastes.
  • You will be able to follow step-by-step instructions to easily create a family heirloom.
  • NO WAITING to receive your plans.
  • You as a gun owner, collector or hobbyist can save time when you immediately receive your new plans on your computer and print them out!
  • Downloading directly to your computer printer is the fastest, least expensive (and smartest) way to receive your plans.
  • You will save money beyond the already low price because there is: NO FREIGHT and NO TAX charges!

You can be done creating your own beautiful gun rack, days before our nearest competitor could even ship you their plans!

  • Your new gun rack has better workmanship because,
  • This is not an "Assembly Line" piece.
  • You will build your gun rack with wood of your choice with your own hands easily and efficiently.
  • The unique design and added storage compartment builds value for your finished unit.
  • While our competitors will charge you and ask you to wait for the mail, you will receive and be able to begin your design immediately, for one low price of $37.99!

...........DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANS...........


   and receive TWO plans for the price of ONE! 

Receive these awesome advantages!

    You will get TWO SETS of measured drawings right to your computer to make your job easier!
  Complete cut parts list for TWO four gun racks! 
  The list of hardware to complete your beautiful wall rack!
The overall dimensions for each individual piece as well as the completed unit will be included along with diagrams with measurements for TWO variations of the four gun wall rack!
  You will get simple instructions that will make your work quick and easy!

Plus:  For a limited time with your order, receive a fantastic special bonus link packed with tons of information on shooting ranges open to you locally as well as nationally, with addresses; facilities available; range access; maps; web sites; phone numbers and e-mail addresses too!  

I am certain that you will like your new wall gun rack so much that I am including a 60 day money back guarantee.  But....if my plans are all that I have promised, I encourage you to drop me a note and tell others about your experience.  

If you have been looking for some high quality easy to understand plans to build a gun rack and feel other racks are too flimsy, too complicated or too expensive, then this is exactly what you have been looking for, order now....

Best Regards,
Ken Brown,
sportsman/gun owner

P.S.  These are the only gun rack plans that are shipped directly to your computer.  Don't wait days for your order to be shipped or mailed, order yours now!  Remember, you can't lose with my money back guarantee!

P.P.S.  This is the only company that gives you TWO different sets of plans for your wall gun rack for the price of one!  You can use both and make slightly different units if you like!

P.P.P.S  If you haven't ordered yet, were you looking for something else?  E-mail me with your needs
and let me know how I can serve you!